Cecil The Lion – A Travesty to the Ethical Hunting Community.

Cecil The Lion – A Travesty to the Ethical Hunting Community.

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In light of the recent events of the killing of the lion Cecil and one of the men thatScreen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.12.33 AM contributed to his death, Walter Palmer, I feel it would be a good thing to get ahead of this travesty. This event is very saddening for our Ethical Hunting Community as a whole. #WalterPalmer should not be grouped in as an ethical hunter. This was not his first run in with hunting unethically or illegally. His last known time was right in Wisconsin hunting a black bear illegal. This account was later reported by the New York Times in 2009 where Palmer stated, “he had served a year of probation over the false statements case” (Mullen, CNN). Whether or not Palmer was falsely convicted or not, this man presumably comes in close parameters with the law too often.

Sadly the Ethical Hunters will take the toll from this fiasco once again. My personal feelings when I read this article was sadness for the popular lion whose magnificent life was lost but I was also deeply saddened and worried for my fellow Hunters and myself. After the Kendall Jones lion harvest, I received an outrageous amount of death threats for the simple fact that I hunt! This was disheartening to me as I hunt to provide organic, healthy and lean food for my family, to enjoy the great outdoors, to preserve conservation and population control and to have a healthy and meaningful purpose in my life.

Let me tell you who hunters really are. Hunters are DIFFERENT from Poachers! They do not take the life of animals it is illegal or unethical to hunt. To be a Hunter means to provide food for your family and/or community by utilizing all of the harvest. To be a Hunter means you work year round to put the quickest, cleanest harvest on an animal so it has minimal suffering. To be a Hunter means you do not support individuals who poach or disrespect the animal being hunted.

To be a Hunter you must also be strong, not only for the hunt and to provide food for your family but to also protect your family from death threats by individuals who are uneducated about ethical hunting practices and our ethical way of life.

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