Muddy Outdoors Joins The Heartbeat TV

Muddy Outdoors signs on as a sponsor for The Heartbeat TV this fall.

The heartbeat of a bow hunter beats with a desire and a thirst for adventure. It beats for the love of a sport in which you start by making things harder than they have to be. The heartbeat of a bow hunter intensifies their life as it embeds itself within those who feel its strength. It take the dedication of time, energy, and the soul to the passion of the sport itself to find success.

A sport where strangers young and old, new and seasoned can spend hours around a camp fire reminiscing about adventures that are only minutes old. While we cannot define what makes the heartbeat of a bow hunter so unique, we can only say that we owe some of our greatest experiences to our participation in this amazing sport.

Chasin’Whitetails Media brought the hunting industry the world’s first all-archery radio talk show (not just another pod cast) along with its website that provides trustworthy Internet information hunters depend on. In the fall of 2015, Chasin’Whitetails Media along with great folks at the MTN OPS outdoor performance supplement company will unveil their latest collaboration on the Hunt Channel TV line up: MTN OPS presents: The Heartbeat.

Beginning this October 13 fresh new episodes will hit the airwaves on Saturday mornings at 8:00 am, showcasing not only simply a hunt, but also segments featuring those items that hunters get excited about and make off-season preparation more enjoyable.

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