Covert Hunting Blinds is proud to announce a partnership with Licensed to Kill Outdoors TV

Fall Creek, WI (June 29, 2015) – Covert Hunting Blinds is proud to announce a partnership with Licensed to Kill Outdoors TV. Licensed to Kill Outdoors is made up of a father and his two sons from West Central Indiana and a crew of hard working teams across the U.S. As a team they all work together to bring their fans the best and most realistic hunts to their TV’s. Dean and his sons Floyd and Chase have been in the outdoor industry since 2007. They have taken their time to lay down some awesome video and have been learning and growing along the way. They’ve managed to kill B&C whitetails, elk, bear, turkeys, wild boar, and much more. They keep the faith of The Lord with them and always remember to have fun and stay true no Licensed to Kill Outdoors starts their new season June 29th as they begin airing on the Pursuit Channel. Watch for exciting hunts and great tips on using ground blinds on the web, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. About Covert Hunting: Our company was born from the desire to create family events from multiple hunting seasons. The hunting blind was a perfect venue for such an experience. As sportsmen we understand the greatest accomplishments in the field occur when passing your hunting traditions onto youth in your family. The concealment of a blind offered sufficient noise and movement cover required for my children to be successful in the field. From our personal experiences in the blind we were compelled to offer this very same valuable bonding experience to other families. Since 1983, the field experts of Covert Hunting have designed and developed innovative hunting products. At Covert Hunting, we are dedicated to providing quality products that deliver successful hunting experiences. Covert Hunting Blinds provide total concealment and scent control, keeping your presence undetected. Covert Hunting Blinds are designed for hunting many species of big game throughout the United States and Canada. The natural 3-D patterns in the hunting blind’s camouflage blend easily into any type of timber or terrain. We look forward to making you another satisfied customer and part of the covert elite hunting force! To find out more about Covert Hunting visit us at and Connect with us at: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram

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