DANVILLE, Ala.  (June 24, 2015) – A recent press release on the Hunter Safety System gear hooks posted incorrect weights of the products. The correct weights for the new products are as follows:

The HSS Talon: 0.9 ounces

The HSS Crow’s Foot: 3.8 ounces 

The new lightweight HSS Talon folding gear hook provides a single 3.5-inch glass-reinforced polymer platform that will support anything from a backpack down to a mouth call—including a bow or a rifle–securely on its knurled ridges. The Talon’s 1 3/4-inch tapered screw easily burrows deep into the tree with the leverage of the folded gear hook, to provide a perfect gear post when set. When removed, the tapered screw can be tucked back into the body of the hook for easy transport, and its weight is just 0.9 ounces. 

The patent-pending HSS Crow’s Foot features 3 1/4-inch levers that spread into a three-position array for maximum gear hanging options. Easy to operate, the Crow’s Foot features a center knob that rotates out a 1 3/4-inch self-starting screw from the body of the center leg. Simply extend the screw, and twist the body of the Crow’s Foot into the tree for three multi-position hanging points. The Crow’s Foot is ideal for the hunter who has several items to secure in the stand, and its carry weight is 3.8 ounces.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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