Great Danes Break Out the Brooms

Analya, Turkey. Danish compound archers and Carbon Express Pro Staffer Stephan Hansen wins gold in the Compound Mixed Team event at the World Cup Stage 2 held in Antalya Turkey.

Stephan along with Danish teammate Tanja Jensen took 1st place during a close match against fellow Carbon Express Pro Staffer Gabriel Badenhorst of South Africa and his Russian teammate Jeanine Van Kradenburg.
In the battle for the bronze metal Marcus Laube and his teammate Kristina Heigenhauser of Germany beat their fellow Carbon Express teammate Dejan Sitar of Slovenia and partner Toja Cerne to make the podium.
Stephan, Gabriel and Marcus used their Nano Pro’s to finish 1st,2nd  3rd in the event which produced final scores of 152 for team Denmark, 151 for the South African/Russia team, and a 3rd place final score of 151 for the Germany team.


Carbon Express Takes Silver in Compound Men’s Team
Carbon Express Professionals Stephan Hansen, Martin Damsbo and Patrick Laursen take 2nd place in a very close match at the World Cup Stage 2 held in Antalya Turkey.

The buildup for the heavily anticipated match between Team Demark and the USA resulted in a very tense and close match that came down to the last three arrows, the outcome of which rested on a single arrow sitting just next to the line.

At the end of the match Steve Anderson, Bridger Deaton and Reo Wilde’s of the USA team were tied 203 apiece with the Danish team with each team having three arrows left to shoot.
The exciting finish resulted in Steve Anderson: Ten, Bridger Deaton: Nine, and Reo Wilde’s:10.  Patrick Laursen final shoot: nine, linecutter – possible upgraded. Stephan Hansen: Nine. Martin Damsbo finished with a 10. 
The judge was called in to see whether Patrick’s arrow would be upgraded for the tie.  It wasn’t and the Danish team took the silver missing gold by a single point.

Stephan, Martin and Patrick were all using Nano Pro’s to make the podium and take home their metals.

Congratulation for the outstanding performance shown by the Carbon Express team at the World Cup Stage 2 event and the outstanding performance delivered by the Nano Pro Series arrows.

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