MUZZY Launches New Bow Fishing Point

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. (May 14, 2015) — Muzzy, the leader in bowfishing equipment, has announced the introduction of the new Alcatraz 3-barb fishing point. Designed for maximum hold in retrieving soft-flesh fish, the new Alcatraz is smaller and lighter than most traditional barbed fishing points, offering better penetration and arrow flight.


The new Alcatraz 3-barb fishing point is comprised entirely of stainless steel, and with its three barbs, it offers great holding power. In flight and during penetration, each barb extends just 9/32-inch beyond the ferrule, but each expands for 2 1/2 inches of holding power during retrieval. With a quarter-twist of the needle-sharp tip, the 0.050-inch-thick barbs reverse for easy removal without the need to fully loosen or remove the tip. This new point from Muzzy offers maximum holding power and an extremely quick release to get you back to shooting faster.


Weighing 310 grains, the Alcatraz is ideal for any soft-flesh fish, and it is available at retailers nationwide and conveniently online at The suggested retail price for the Alcatraz fishing point is $14.99, and an Alcatraz-equipped arrow is 19.99.


Founded in 1984, Muzzy is the number-one name in fixed-blade broadheads, and it is a pioneer in the art of bowfishing. A division of Feradyne Outdoors, Muzzy is located in Cartersville, GA. For more information on the full line of Muzzy’s fixed-blade broadheads and state-of-the-art bowfishing equipment, contact Muzzy Outdoors, LLC, and 110 Beasley Rd., Cartersville, GA 30120; call (770) 387-9300; or visit

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