ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

I don’t know about you, but my feet are cold throughout the entire winter. Even more so in the tree stand. I have worn wool socks, double wool socks, liners, and even bought 1400 gram boots this last season. But regardless of what I did, my feet still got cold, and I figured that I just had to deal with it. Most understand that when you walk around your feet generate heat which in turn will make your feet sweat. When you get up in the tree your feet are nice and toasty, but as time goes by your feet lose the heat but remain wet. When the cold air mixes with the sweaty feet, you get cold feet.


This past winter, I decided to try a  pair of the ThermaCELL heated insoles. I have used these insoles routinely over these last two months and can honestly say that my feet don’t freeze anymore. The insoles also come with a remote with three settings (Off, Medium, High) and a charger. A complete charge takes about three  – four hours. On the medium setting (100 degrees) you get about 5 hours of use, and with my use I got around 2 hours on the high setting (111 degrees) . I rarely used the high setting , because the medium setting was sufficient. ThermaCELL states you can get approximately 500 charges before replacing. Unforuntaely, the batteries are built into the insoles so you can’t replace the batteries. But if I can get 500 charges, which could easily be 2 years of use, I think $90 (Amazon) is definitely worth it. For those that want to spend a little extra, ThermaCELL has a Pro model. This model allows you to replace the batteries for $120 (Amazon). So either way for under $150, you can keep your feet nice and cozy in the tree stand and not have to worry about climbing down due to cold feet. I also want to mention that most of the complaints I read complained that the insoles weren’t hot enough. The purpose of these insoles are not to keep your feet “Hot”, but to keep your feet from getting cold.

Don’t get cold feet, order a pair of the ThermaCELL insoles!


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