The “G-Man” Announces his Membership with the NDA

Newark, NY – The National Deer Alliance has acquired yet another powerful voice from the outdoor industry. Gerald Swindle recently pledged his support of group while giving great praise to the formation of the NDA. As a force in the Bassmaster Elite Series of professional fishing and co-host of “The Hit List” hunting show, Swindle is well known for his character and passion he brings to fishing and hunting.

With and unprecedented 12 Bassmaster Classic appearances and a passion for deer hunting that runs thicker than his southern drawl, Swindle has personally seen the need for organization such as the National Deer Alliance.

“The need for an organization such as the National Deer Alliance has become extremely obvious in recent years,” stated Swindle “Populations are down and so are hunter success rates. I love deer and deer hunting and I am proud to be part of an organization set on preserving the sport many years to come.”

While deer are the most commonly pursued and economically important big game animal in North America, less than one percent of deer hunters belong to a national conservation organization dedicated to the protection of deer and our deer hunting heritage. This lack of unity has prevented a strong, centralized voice from addressing current and emerging threats such as habitat loss, hunter access, disease and predators. According Executive Director Craig Dougherty, “80% of the hunting public hunt deer. We need them to stop taking deer for granted and stand tall for their beliefs.”

Membership in the NDA is free and includes a comprehensive weekly e-newsletter on all things deer including: deer behavior, biology, hunting techniques and breakthroughs as well as issues impacting deer and deer hunting in North America.  For more information, or to join the thousands of other hunters who are committed to preserving our deer hunting heritage, visit

About the National Deer Alliance 

The NDA is a new organization dedicated to uniting deer hunters, managers and enthusiasts like never before and harnessing this power to achieve positive outcomes for deer and deer hunting.  NDA’s goal is to serve as the unified voice of the modern deer hunter and guardian of North America’s wild deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage.  NDA fuels the passion for deer hunting and conservation through engagement, fellowship, and education.  For more information visit

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