From the Company of Eye Black, Introducing Hunting Face Decals

From the Company of Eye Black, Introducing Hunting Face Decals


Eye Black, along with renowned hunters Tom Barr and Jeremy Meyers, have brought to the hunting industry a new accessory to hunting camouflage. Introducing Eye Black Hunting Face Decals. The New Peel-N-Stick, easy application and removal, take away the ugly mess of face paint. These are die-cut shapes ready to wear, and their Field Pack is perfect for our men with beards. This breathable, yet durable material is perfect for any weather condition and serious hunter.

I personally use the Hunting Face Decals and I have to say I am completely in love with them. As a business professional, full time student and hunting enthusiast I am constantly on the go. I rarely have time to grab all my hunting gear, let alone put on messy face paint when I’m going straight from work to the woods, so as you can see Eye Black Hunting Face Decals work perfect for someone with a busy schedule. I also live in the Midwest and recently used the Hunting Face Decals- Field Pack, predator hunting in 15 degree weather. The Hunting Face Decals worked like a charm. Not only did I have no issue getting them to stick (even with a little makeup left on from work) but they actually kept my face warm as well. This is a product that actually works and will be growing in the industry very quickly.

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