My First ATA Show Experience!

My First ATA Show Experience!

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It has been a week since I have left from the 2015 ATA Show. To be honest, I was blown away with all the companies, manufactures, the small ma & pa store owners, and even all the hunting TV celebrities that were there. When I first walked into the show floor, it felt as though I just stepped into archery heaven. I was just plain amazed!

The first event of the 1st day was to attend a seminar on social media and the power it has within the hunting industry. The seminar was very informative and really helped with understanding trends plus giving us tons of information on how to be effective in reaching the masses. With that said, you should check out our Facebook page. We are able to keep you up-to-date on what going on with ChasinWhitetails.

After the seminar was over; the fun began with meeting owners, marketing directors, CEO’s, COO’s, Pro Staffers, Celebrity endorsers, and so many more people in the archery world. I was just in complete ah and so was my buddy and fellow writer Jared Dean. I am sure that he has plenty of stories to tell as well. Jared and I made the rounds along with our senior mentor Steve Sheetz. We learned from Steve on how to speak to these individuals and what to say, which didn’t take us long at all, then Jared and I were off on our own. We talked to so many people, walking all over the convention center (7 miles a day), burning tons of calories in the process, and enjoying the atmosphere.

My first experience was just plain awesome as I said before. It took my love for the sport of archery to whole new level. When the sport becomes a passion, then you know that you are doing something that you love and it would be hard for anyone to take that away from you. I witnessed this throughout the entire show, especially the celebrity hunters. They were just genuinely nice, down to earth people that cared for the archery world. Razor Dobbs, Matt Duff, Jeff Danker, Kip Campbell, Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, Chris Brackett, Jim Shockey, Eva Shockey, the Drury brothers, and so many more just to name a few.

The ATA Show spanned over 3 days, so Jared and I knew we had a lot to see and cover in a short amount of time. Talking, listening, and learning from all these companies took time. Our main focal point of the show was to gather as much info as possible on the new items for 2015 and let me tell you, there were a ton of them. By the end of the 1st day, Jared was spent. He passed out early and I was exhausted as well.

The 2nd day was just as eventful and tiring. We learned a lot about the archery industry and what it takes to make it. Innovation and creation was all over the place. We made new friends and really started to understand why this Show is so important to the sport of Archery.

The 3rd or last day was just as busy as the first and second. Talked again to rest of the companies we didn’t get a chance to and had a great time testing out all the new bow lineups from each company. Out of all the bow companies, which there were a ton, my favorite was definitely Bear! My idol is Fred Bear, and the Bear line as made some amazing improvements over the last few years. Their bows are light, fast, and forgiving. One of the best bows I shot there was the Bear Arena 30 & 34! Now, there were some other bow manufactures that really impressed me. Small companies like New Breed, Xpedition, Obsession, Winchester (who is making a comeback), and many more.

Then it was time for us to journey back home. I was on an archery high and still have not come off of it yet as I write this. I only hope that next year will be just as, if not, better than this year. I look forward to going back next year and I hope that everyone is ready for a treat this year, as we provide information on all the new products that we saw. Stay tuned to our Radio show and our website for upcoming information.

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