Eat Local, Eat Organic! Three Reasons to Add Venison to Your Diet.

Eat Local, Eat Organic! Three Reasons to Add Venison to Your Diet.


I find myself baffled when people reject consuming, let alone even trying venison. Aside from the delicious taste, the top reasons I consume it is because it is nutritionally healthy, environmentally friendly, and more ethical to consume than the beef and chicken found at grocery stores.

For those who are uneducated about hunting and perceive harvesting a deer to be cruel, I challenge them to look at their plate and think long and hard about how the meat they consume is raised and processed. Although the portrayed image is farm fresh, the slaughter-intended animals live a not so ideal life. The industrialized nature of the meat industry directly affects the short lives of these animals, and the fast production has the profit of meat sales, not the animal, in mind. This factory farm style affects growth, health, living conditions, and the overall life of the animal. Deer on the other hand live a free, natural life. Born into nature, they are raised in the mountains, forests, and fields. There are no cages to confine these beautiful creatures. And unlike factory animals that have a predetermined destiny for your grocery store, a deer does not-its harvest is up to chance and up to the skill of the hunter. Don’t be deceived into thinking I don’t eat meats other than venison. There are no “Meatless Monday’s” in my house y’all! I simply intend to point out the ludicrous nature of meat-consuming persons that are prejudiced against consuming venison by calling out their hypocrisy.

Health experts encourage you to eat local and eat organic. Well y’all, the deer on your plate is not only local, but it is organic as well. It’s environmentally friendly because there is no need for hundreds of miles of transport since a deer is sourced locally. In a deer’s lifetime, it is never pumped with growth hormones to expedite the process to your plate. Living conditions are not cramped or filthy since they roam the forest, mountains and fields, so antibiotics are not necessitated. Venison is a high quality meat because it is unpolluted, in addition to it being nutritionally sound. When looking at venison from a nutritional standpoint you find that for a red-meat option it is one of the healthiest choices available. Deer is wild game so it spends its life foraging for food, constantly on the move. The diet and lifestyle make it low in saturated fat, high in protein, and rich in iron and B-vitamins. Venison is an extraordinarily healthy meat option and I can’t encourage people enough to incorporate it into their diet’s more.


If you hunt like I do, then you are familiar with the satisfaction of being able to harvest a deer and provide healthy and delicious meat for you and your family. If you know anyone who is on the fence about trying venison or vehemently against it, I encourage you to share the aforementioned reasons as to why they should make it a part of their diet (or at least try it).

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  1. Good article. Enjoyed reading.
    Maybe one day I will have the courage to try again….

  2. Reblogged this on huntingandcookingwithka and commented:
    This post completely spells out why eating wild game is a great decision!
    Animals in the wild are the most organic and healthy meat you can get!

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