HHA Optimizer Lite Single Pin Sight

Without a sight, it would be quite difficult to put an arrow where you intend to shoot it. So with that said, its one of the essential components in archery. And for those that shoot re-curve, I applaud you.  I have been shooting a multi-pin sight from the start. Over the years, I have thought about switching to a single pin sight, but was a little skeptical on the thought of having to adjust the yardage for a moving target while sitting in the stand.

Well, prior to the 2014-2015 hunting season I decided to make the switch. Before selecting one, I conducted extensive research. If you have any experience with archery, you know that there are tons of options out there. I decided to go with the Optimizer Lite.

The key features were:

  • 5 ft. of fiber
  • Mechanical Rheostat
  • Optional Lens kit
  • Optional Burst light

After using this sight for just over 4 months, I have frequently asked myself why I didn’t make the decision sooner. My favorite feature is the mechanical rheostat. When hunting in the morning, the pin lights up just after sunrise and in the evening I know its quitting time when I can no longer see the pin. For that reason, I didn’t feel the need to purchase the optional burst light. Sighting in is a piece of cake. The instructions provided are very clear and easy to understand. But basically all you need to do is sight in at 20 and 60 yards and subtract the difference. The number you get when you subtract determines the yardage tape that you will use. I can shoot out to 80 yards and I’m accurate.

So if you have been thinking about converting to a single pin sight, I would definitely review the HHA sights. They have several different models to choose from (even a cadet model for youth) and they just released the Optimizer Lite King Pin. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.

Take care and keep them arrows flying!


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