Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Max

Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Max

Tru-Fire has outdone themselves on their new line of release aids for 2014-15. Tru-Fire is an American made industry leading release-aid company that prides themselves on service and durability. Tru-fire’s new Hardcore Foldback Max wrist release is that perfect example of such durability. The original Hardcore has been overhauled with added technology features to create the Hardcore Max. The Max now has a separate screw, when turned is able to adjust the trigger pressure from 3 ounces to well over 16 ounces. The Max also has what Tru-fire calls the Evolution 2 buckle which provides 2.5 times the padding with rolled edges and is slightly wider making it the most comfortable strap on the market today.

Having shot the original Hardcore for the past year, my anticipation for the new Hardcore Max was high. The Max is designed as the ultimate hook/ single jaw wrist release with a self centering knuckle located right behind the main body. I found this design eliminates the side to side torque that is usually found in other hook style releases. The body pivots left or right for a total of 20 degrees to allow for varying anchor points. When attaching the Max to a bow, the loop or serving will line up straight with the centerline of the release which allows for a perfect shot every single time. The solid steel jaw closes automatically when you depress the trigger and the trigger pressure is a mere 4 ounces when set with minimal travel. Tru-fire guarantees the release not to slip off of loops and I have found this to be accurate. The hook style helps eliminate extra movement and assists in keeping your eyes on your target instead of your release.

There are two trigger design options available, the swept back trigger which is standard and a forward trigger as an option. I prefer the forward trigger design over the swept design but that is one’s choice. The Max also comes in 2 color options: Max Black which has red accents on the strap as well as the head of the release, the camouflage Max has the Realtree pattern applied to the strap and to the release head.

The Hardcore Max also has over a 1” length adjustable feature that I find to be one of the best features on any wrist release since not all archers have the same size hands and fingers. Like most wrist releases, the Max is ambidextrous which allows both right & left-handed shooters a release that is true and accurate. Shooting with comfort and ease is what Hardcore Max provides especially when shooting with gloves on.

After using the Hardcore Max for a couple of months now, the foldback design allows for easy and quiet access without the clanking noise while climbing into my treestand. The foldback option ensures that you are always ready shoot without the hassle of having your release hanging in the way. I found when adjusting my sights or tuning my bow, the release can stay on my wrist yet be out of the way but ready to go at a flip of a stick so to speak.

The Hardcore Max is nothing short of spectacular. I found the Max to be geared for hunting as well as tournament shooters and with the adjustable tension option, perfect for both types. I also believe the Max will provide any archer the most room for error without compromising accuracy.

Hardcore_Buckle_Foldback_Max_Camo__14345.1411130003.380.380Hardcore_Buckle_Foldback_Black__61500.1415725847.1280.1280You already know that Tru-fire offers dependable and superior products proudly made in the USA. The new Tru-fire Hardcore Foldback Max release backs those qualities on every level. You will not go wrong in choosing the Hardcore Max release for your bow. Improving your shooting with the Hardcore Max will not only enhance your confidence when hunting or target shooting but will make you a more successful archer. The Hardcore Max is an amazing release for the value and is my choice for hunting this fall.

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