A Girl’s Perspective on the Meaning of Scent Free

While some people were busy discovering the true meaning of life, I was busy early in deer season discovering the true meaning of scent-free, which in my eyes was way more important 😉 My initial understanding of scent-free was to not spray perfume on before heading into the woods. I had absolutely no idea the amount of perfumes that are put into everyday products that can negatively affect the hunt. This was pointed out to me one day by fellow staffer Steve. I was set up in a ground blind and he was up on the ridge to my left. There were many does near his stand, and they had started coming my way. They never made it fully up the hill, because at the top they would turn around in a different direction. Later we talked about the reasons behind it and I was instructed in the nicest of ways that I smelled too dang good and that the deer were picking it up in the wind. Little did I realize that the scents in my shampoo, facial moisturizer, lip gloss and even laundry detergent were all hindering hunting!

The struggle was real y’all to suppress the makeup lovin’ perfume wearing girly girl in me! To make myself smell less like a flower field and more like, well, nothing, I headed over to the local Tractor Supply. I traded my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for an all in one body and hair cleanser. My favorite lip gloss was traded for unscented Chapstick. I began washing my hunting clothes in special detergent. Results were immediate and very encouraging. Within the first hunts after I retired my beauty routine I began seeing deer. Shortly thereafter was when I arrowed my first, the 7-point. I don’t think he would have come around had I still been smelling like a flower.

I am more conscious than ever now about scents disrupting my hunting. In addition to changing shampoos and not using makeup or perfume, I’ve adopted other hunter happy habits to aid in my efforts. The air-fresheners in my Jeep have been removed until after hunting season. My clothes stay either hanging outside or in an unused room away from the smell of whatever is cooking in the kitchen, the dogs running around the house, or burning scented candles. A great tip my Uncle Mark told me was to keep my clothes in an unscented trash bag (because YES they make trash bags that smell like roses now) with a box of baking soda inside. Whatever extra scents remain on your clothes are absorbed by the baking soda. If you don’t have special laundry detergent, a little baking soda on the washer works just as well.

If you have a favorite scent-free shampoo or scent away spray, I would love to hear your suggestions and try them out!

During hunting season, had to retire everything on the left for Dead Down Wind on the right. Well worth it!

During hunting season, had to retire everything on the left for Dead Down Wind on the right. Well worth it!

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