Harvest or Kill

I recently saw Driven stars Pat Reeve and Nicole Jones Reeve asked fans whether they use the term “Kill” or “Harvest” when they take a deer. I personally prefer the word “Harvest” and I’ll give you my reasoning. It’s not because I think the word kill is insensitive or harsh or cruel, but because I don’t believe it does the hunt, the hunter or the beautiful animal justice. Hunting to me is not about just the kill. Like the farmer in his field working year round to harvest his plant to put food on his table, I work year round to harvest this animal and put meat on our table. From scouting properties to look for good sign, like a farmer who looks for good CPI, to providing food plots and mineral to help the whitetails grow and remain healthy, much like the farmer cultivating and fertilizing his crop. To practicing precision to execute the shot for a clean harvest, much like the farmer having good equipment so no crop goes to waste. These are a few of the many reasons why I use the word Harvest. Because it’s more than just a kill. It’s a lifestyle which takes years of hard work with trial, error & dedication.10850025_10152900979984313_3593566451558784257_n

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