Shooting from a Treestand

As bow-hunters, we understand that proper shot placement will determine a found deer or a wounded/lost deer. Whitetails are tough animals even though their small stature. Knowing which shot to take will make you a more ethical and successful bow-hunter. The following tips will keep more arrows in the kill zone:

  • Posture – Remember to bend at the waist on angled shots.
  • Aim – When shooting an angled shot within 20 yards, hold your pin 1 inch below the intended target to compensate.
  • Jumping the String – Noise and movement can cause a deer to duck or move quickly. This can result in a high shot or a complete miss. If the deer is on alert or looking your way compensate by aiming a little lower.
  • Yardage – Invest in a range finder made for bow hunting. These range finders will compensate for the angle that you are shooting from in the tree stand.

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