Don’t Stay In The Dark

Don’t Stay In The Dark

If you are like me you watch a lot of hunting shows.  While I watch these shows I try to look for a product that will help me in the field.  I recently watched a show where they had to track the deer at night.  This was of interest for me since I recently have had some set backs with tracking a deer in the dark.  The gentleman was holding what looked like a spotlight and it was lasting a lot longer than the one I keep plugged in.  I thought that it would be awesome to have a powerful light that could last for longer than 10 minutes.  I tried to track a deer last year with one of those lights that clip on to the front of my hat.  What a joke.  Shortly after that I was on a mission to find better lighting.  WOW was I shocked to see what the cost of flashlights could be.  They could light up the night sky but drain my bank account at the same time.  Then I was at one of those local super chain stores and decided to look in their camping section to see what they had, I struck gold.  I was able to find good lighting at a much cheaper cost than some of the brand name lights.


I found a 500 lumen flashlight that ran off of double A batteries.  It has two settings, one for the full 500 and one for 250 (to save on battery life).  Shortly after purchasing this light ChasinWhitetails staffer Steve Sheetz and I used this lighting to track a deer (he shot it not me) and what a difference it made.  It literally was the difference between night and day.

This company is now making one of the spotlights like I saw on the hunting show.  Is was only 19.99 and ran off of C batteries.


It is 350 lumen but they way they focus the LED it is as bright as my 500 lumen flashlight.  The shocking part is that the batteries are actually lasting a long time.  I used it for 30 solid minutes one night and they are still going strong.  They also make a 500 lumen version for 10 bucks more that can run forever while plugged in.  It will run off of D batteries.

So I say “Don’t Stay In The Dark” and find some lighting that will fit your needs and won’t break the bank.  This little piece of equipment is one of those items that will make your tracking experience so much easier.  Oh by the way, make sure to carry some extra batteries in you backpack just in case in turns into a long tracking job.

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