Tough Season

Tough Season

So the 2014 season has been in the books for almost a month now (2 months for certain counties).  I have only seen 4 deer and the one deer I was able to put an arrow in was never found.  To say that I am having one of the toughest seasons in the stand is an understatement.  The hours of sitting and not even seeing movement in the woods is getting frustrating.  Even knowing that it has been a tough year still makes me long for getting in the tree stand for the next hunt.  That the next time might be the time that one of those mature bucks on my trail cam (all at night) might come strolling through.  Those are the moments that as bow hunters we live for.  There is nothing better than the close encounter of a Whitetail deer (or any other game).  That close encounter is what gets the heart pumping; makes you forget that you where even cold.  That moment when you catch that first glimpse of something moving.  You forget all about life; the bills that need paid, am I spending enough time with the wife.  That all fades to the background when you realize that I have seen a deer.  There are not many moments that I can think of in life that does all that for me.

So the most exciting thing that has happened to me is that a Hawk landed above me and screamed at me for about 20 minutes.  I had never heard a Hawk do that before but I must tell you I had almost thought about shooting it. I will get back in the stand and dream of better days.

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