Quality Game Cameras Make a Difference

Quality Game Cameras Make a Difference

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As summer comes to a close, we should have our food plots planted, tree stands up, and our gear prepped for the upcoming hunting season. During this time of year, implementing one essential tool is imperative to your hunting success. This essential tool is a game camera also known as a trail camera. Game cameras provide you with tons of vital information, from directional movement locations, what food plots they are hitting and at what times, to what game survived from the previous year.

Game cameras are vital in understanding your hunting area. Utilizing these cameras year round will provide all the necessary information to formulate a plan of attack for the coming season. Choosing which camera to purchase and use is where the challenge comes into play. With the market being saturated with multiple types, designs, speeds, video options, camo patterns, and sizes, one will need to decide which camera will provide the most bang for the buck.

I can honestly say that deciding to spend money on a game camera is one of the best decisions that you will ever make for your hunting adventures. Although, the question that I hear most often is, how much should I spend on one that will meet all my needs? Well, that decision is ultimately up to you. There are many different types of cameras that do really cool high-speed things, but does your wallet support those types or can you get away with one of those big box store specials?

My advice is to do some research on which camera offers the best options, including the price range that you are looking for. I find that “you get what you pay for” to be accurate in all accounts, especially with game cameras. I recently tested a higher priced game camera and discovered it to be exactly what it is worth when compared to another lower priced big box store model. I am not saying that you need to find the most expensive one you can find and buy it, what I am saying is that you need to understand that game camera prices are usually based on what options or features they provide. In this case, the higher priced game camera just completely excelled on all levels from picture quality to speed, it was amazing on how different they were when compared to each other.

If you are serious about getting the best quality and the most information for your hunting adventures, then spending a little extra money will provide that sense of satisfaction that you are able to capture. Don’t cheat yourself by buying cheaper models and miss that trophy buck of a lifetime due to slow trigger speed or minimal capture area. Get yourself a good camera and make it work for you.

Now, many of you are probably wandering how many cameras should I have and where should I place these cameras? Well, this all depends on your property and you. Cost is usually the biggest factor in the amount of cameras that you can get; I know it is for me. One tip that I can give you is to purchase a camera every year to space out the dent you will take in your bank account. Cameras are not too expensive to some and to others they are considered an investment. You will need to decide on what is right for you and your setup. I know that I will not go another hunting season without one.

Proper placement is key in making the most use out of game cameras. I usually place my cameras on food plots usually very close to where I plan on placing a stand or even right under it. I also place game cameras where I will see animal movement in and out of particular locations, like trails or pinch points. Using multiple game cameras in a chain will provide an opportunity to cover a large field or area. Setting them up to capture panoramic views will ultimately provide a great advantage on locating travel areas and population numbers. With multiple locations and ways to place your cameras; selecting, mounting, and making adjustments are all a part of the hunting experience.

I can’t say enough about game cameras and their importance, but the one thing that I hope that you take away from this article; is that purchasing and implementing a game camera will ultimately change the way you hunt. Remember; aim small, miss small and keep shooting straight. Good luck with the upcoming hunting season.

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    1. It depends on the camera. Typically the better the camera the longer the batteries last.

    2. It also depends on your camera setup! If you use the video option along with still pictures it will eat up batteries faster than just taking normal movement pics. Most of them vary but the best option is to select a trail camera that best suits your needs. (i.e. food plot cameras, low resolution cameras, no flash cameras, high Mega Pixel cameras, etc.)

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