BEAVERTOWN, PA – Moon Shine, LP, designer of Moon Shine Camo, announces their partnership with JBI/U-Slide.  U-Slide now offers Bow holders in Muddy Girl Camouflage. This unique bow holder compliments a growing number of other Moon Shine licensed bow hunting accessories for your Muddy Girl archery outfit.

“We are excited to license with another innovative company like U-Slide”, stated Travis Mattern from Moon Shine.  “This unique bow holder puts our hottest camo pattern, Muddy Girl Camo, on another fantastic accessory, making it more appealing to the female outdoor enthusiast.”

“U-Slide is excited to announce the debut of their bow holder in Muddy Girl Camo.  As more women are becoming involved in this once predominately male sport, U-Slide wanted to find a way to connect with them.  We feel this pink and purple camo pattern is one of the most unique and recognizable patterns on the market today,” says U-Slide Owner, Pete Gutowski.  “This new relationship with Moon Shine Camo will bring the U-Slide Bow Holder to the forefront of the bow hunting industry.”

About Moon Shine, LP:<U-Slide logo art for PR 6-10-13.jpg>

Moon Shine, LP is a cutting edge designer of quality brand name apparel that conveys the attitude and traditional values of every generation. From the hunters and farmers who live off our lands to the soldiers and patriots who protect it, Moon Shine Attitude Attire® honors the essence of the American Legacy. For more information, visit or call 1.800.4.MOON.SHINE (800-466-6674).

About U-Slide Bow Holder:

The U-Slide Bow Holder was developed to fill a much needed gap in the bow hunting industry. Unlike other bow hangers, the U-Slide securely holds your bow by the bottom limb. It features an adjustable arm so you can position your bow close to your body within easy reach to cut down on game spooking movement. It works with compound, re-curve, and traditional bows. The

U-slide is so versatile it can be used to hold your bow while hunting from a tree stand, a ground blind, at the practice range, without purchasing extra attachments. The U-Slide is 100% American Made. 

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